Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Backrest

Please note ** 400 pound ** rating - in the text, & in one of the pictures… Aluminum frame extends completely across under seat, side to side & front to back. Aluminum frame supports the load, not just plastic seat…

Please be sure to measure your bath and shower enclosure. I did not and it was several inches too big. Otherwise it seems to be a very good product.

Grabbing an extra one for the guest bath - I can never find these kinds of benches with sturdy adjustable legs outside of professional medical supply catalogs.

Especially since this is a nice long one, just thought I’d mention something I had to MacGyver a solution for when I first set up a transfer bench in my tub: your existing shower curtain set up might not be wide enough to cover this.

Does anyone know the manufacturer or model name of this? I need to find out if the arm is removeable &/or can be switched to the other side, & if the plastic seat is all 1 piece or if the 3 sections fasten to the frame separately. Thanks!

The brand is Drive. The seat is one piece, and both the handle and backrest can go on either side - you just configure it depending on which side of the tub your shower faces.