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Why Should You Say NO to Shock Collars?

Shock controls a dog without allowing that dog to make choices and solve problems, which often results in ‘learned helplessness’ – the dog effectively learns to give up.
Shock forces a dog to ‘behave’ with little concern for the root cause of the negative behavior.
E-collar training essentially cripples an animal’s true learning ability.
Shocking a dog can actually exacerbate aggressive behavior in the future.
Shock collars may cease a behavior in the moment, but the severe stress and anxiety they cause can lead to more aggression in the future and can create entirely new behavioral problems.

Several countries have already instated bans on shock collars, and it is only a matter of time before other countries will follow.

Rather than resort to using equipment that causes your dog fear and pain, why not try humane, force-free alternatives that are more effective long-term and that will help change the way your dog thinks and learns?‘training’-collars.pdf

This is a great deal considering we paid close to $150 from one from petsmart. We do not shock, the beep is enough to keep him from doing what he does best which is eating everything on the floor that could possibly hurt him. He is straight nose to the ground looking for anything the baby may have dropped in this case it’s for his own safety as I don’t want him to eat or chew on something that could be detrimental to his health. It all depends on how you intend to use it.

Why you should NOT say not no to shock collars… Or at least consider saying yes.

As a veterinarian, it would be awesome to tell you that I have never seen a dog clobbered by a car or mauled by a much larger dog. There would also be peace in the Middle East and no more world hunger.

That being said, we can wax philosophical about the mental and psychological stresses that a shock collar may or may not provide. While on the topic, consider the implications of keeping a somewhat sentient being as a pet and how whatever delicate sensibilities they may have are being swept by the wayside.

I don’t know much about this product but having rescued a strong willed dog that ran under a moving train (made it) chasing a rabbit and crossed two 4 lane interstates, I can tell you that a properly utilized training collar can be a veritable lifesaver.

If you buy this, I hope you try it on yourself before you shock your pet.