Play Music on a Peavey

Smoke On the Water

Do they have a lefted handed version?

Funicular to Purgatory.

12 bar Bb Blues, then Take Five, then Dismantle the Dictator. Gotta check out that range.

Green Onions

I have been playing for over 40 years. A few weeks ago I posted over 25 years but forgot just how old I was and after recomputing all those years I realized it was in fact over 40.

I have played professionally, done some studio work, worked in a music store and instructed guitar. With that said, I WOULD NOT recommend any of these guitars even as a starter and would strongly advise against them to any parent that wanted me to teach their child. They have many issues including but not limited to tuning issues and that alone is enough. The amplifier here is a paper weight at best. You DO NOT have to go out and spend many hundreds for a good starter. In the used market you should be able to find a good guitar in the $180 - $200 ranged. Good used starter amp, no more than $100. The difference? A real instrument that can stand up to the rigors of being played, staying in tune and having a good sound. Less than that will dismay the student and they will lose interest thinking it is their fault and not the instrument. You get what you pay for and you also get what you do not pay for.

Hotel California - Eagles. Love the solo part!!!

It’s like deja vu all over again! And again! And again!

But seriously, the comments by people who bought these the last hundred times they were sold seem to indicate it’s actually a decent buy.

I saw that purple one— BAM! “Jessie’s Girl” is playing in my head.

I hate you all.

Why pay $50-100 for a bundle of firewood when you can get them for 5 bucks outside of a gas station? Now that’s a bargain!

Animal Nitrate by Suede. Here’s Bernard Butler himself teaching you how to play it!


What an awesome tune!!!

That is really cool and that is really nice but, here is the guy that can take him to school. Every day. The old man that no guitarist wants to duel with.
Jeff Beck

One more thing. Anybody that does the neck bend on one of these cheapo’s that is described in the riff lesson, will have a broken guitar. Bernard is certainly not using one of them.

Smoke on the water is everyone’s first song right? :tongue:

I got the 79 dollar bundle a few weeks back. The amp isn’t that great, but the guitar sounds reasonably good plugged into a Zoom modeling amp. After breaking in the strings it holds tune fairly well. Had to adjust string height and fiddle around a bit, but it plays decent. For the price, it does what it should.

Bought a purple one. I’ts Ok but not great. Actually the Amp is about as trashy as you can get. Fits my unique sound. Retro kitchen broomstick punk…Anyone wanna form a band in NY…not for the fame or money cause I ain’t gonna sell out…Rock-on people Rock-on

I bought 2 of these, just because of the debate that keeps coming up between those who bought them and have experience with them and those who call them junk, or worse.

I contend that anyone calling these junk has never even touched one. These guitars are every bit as good as any entry level guitar but selling for less than half the price you would pay at a music store.

The pickups are entry level stuff, the strings are cheap but playable, the nut is some kind of plastic. BUT…

The build quality is really good and fit & finish is very nice on both of mine. Tone woods are standard fair, the neck on mine is particularly nice! Both of mine are very resonant, solid body electric guitars. Made with loving Chinese hands. Same as the fender squiers, epiphone or other name brand instruments.

Tone is full and once the strings break in, mine both stay in tune just fine. The tuning machines on mine are actually better than the ones that came on my bullet strat! The neck and bridge are fully adjustable, so you may want to set neck bow, string height, and action to your liking. Actually very easy to do on these strat like setups.

Yes, the amp is kind of a toy, but it even works ok. Don’t expect much from a 4 inch speaker driven by 5 Watts.I

Bottom line, get some decent strings, set it up, and plug it in to a decent amp. I bet you’ll have a lot of fun for a few pennies on the dollar! I’m actually tempted to get the black one to see if three times a charm.

BTW: I have been playing guitar since I was a kid (1970), and 4 of my 6 kids play now. I gave my first grandson a Martin acoustic on his christening. So yeah, I’ve been around and played a few guitars in my life.

If you just want a decent guitar to play, I doubt you’d be disappointed with one of these. Congrats to all who get in on this deal.

First song: Sweet Home Alabama!

I bought one of the sparkly pink and purple guitars last time for my granddaughter, who is a Katy Perry fan.

In a nutshell, the guitar is a great beginner axe, the amp is pretty crappy. Overall, it’s an excellent deal for less than fifty bucks.

It stays in tune, it sounds fine, the neck is straight and has a decent grain, and the fit and finish is quite good. The bridge is very solid and adjustable, and they even include a couple of allen wrenches for the bridge and the truss rod in the neck. It sounds quite nice unplugged, which at least tells you it’s well-built.

They saved money with very basic pickups (but they work fine), basic controls, and no whammy bar. Learning guitarists are better off without the whammy bar, believe me.

And yes, I’ve seen and played high-end guitars and basses. I played professionally for about 12 years. This is much better built than my first bass, that’s for sure.

Yes, the amp is crappy, but it makes noise and, mercifully, has a headphone jack. Consider the amp a freebie, and leave it up to the lucky recipient to save up their pennies and haunt CrackList for something better.

Louie, Louie!