Play Music on a Peavey

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I got my hands on one of these while x-mas shopping. Can’t remember if it was KMart or Target. Anyway, I stand by my earlier assertion that these are certainly not the quality one would usually associate with Peavey. Actually, I don’t use any Peavey gear and consider them low end in my world, but whatever- these guitars are not made by Peavey, just licensed to carry the name.
Pretty junky, but what do you expect for less than $100? Rondo’s SX series are better quality and also in the same price range. All these cheap guitars pose a challenge to beginners. They don’t know how to set up the action, adjust teh truss etc- they don’t even know how to tell if they need to adjust anything.

Got the purple one for my 6 year old daughter to play with. At $50 I was expecting a toy. It’s definitely much better than I expected. Of course the cord is crap and the amp is horrible- but really for $50, I think this is one of my best woots ever. It’s a little big and heavy for her- I was really looking for a 3/4 size, but it really is pretty decent. The problem is finding a case that is less than the guitar to store it in. Anyone have any good suggestions for a case around $20-30?

Have you actually picked this model up, felt it and examined it? Or are you basing this all on the price and the Peavey name and assuming it is complete garbage? I personally purchased this for my daughter more as a toy vs a serious instrument, and was pretty surprised by the build quality. Don’t get me wrong, its not Strat- but I bet it would compete easily with guitars priced at $150. The amp is complete junk- and the cord is horrible- but those are extras they threw in.

Which of the 3 models are you commenting on?

You obviously haven’t seen the entry level guitars they make nowadays. Ever check out the Squire Affinity series? How about the Epiphone LeS Paul Special II? You can get one of those brand new for $150 and just check out the reviews, many written by experinced/pro players. China has been stepping it up.

After attempting to navigate through Rocksmith for the PC, Satisfaction (poorly.)

You obviously are making assumptions (about my current knowledge)without knowing your facts. I am more than aware of the entry level guitars that are being made today as I am still actively playing and teaching.

You also are bringing in to the mix several other guitars that are not for sale here on Woot so any comparison would not be apples to apples. You can also find those guitars for sale at ligitimate music outlets. If you take the time to check for yourself you will not find any one of these three Peavey guitars being sold at any of the major music outlets that are easily found on line. This includes the outlets that are in fact licensed Peavey dealers. All of whom do sell the entry level guitars that you mention as well as others. They also sell entry level Peavey guitars. They all also offer ‘enty level’ guitars that I would not recommend either. Even the amplifier being sold here can not be found at these music stores while they do offer a very low priced but higher wattage Peavey Amp. Over the past couple months I have searched the web for these three models and I have indeed found them at places like, ‘Toy’s R Us’, Walmart, etc. One could certainly question the quality of a brand name instrument that is not offered by full and regular dealerships in that brand name but yet they can be found in ‘Toy stores’.

I have no problem at all with those that differ in their opinion as to the quality of these instruments however, I stand by mine. Lastly, I made no mention of any particular place of manufacture so I have no idea why you would bring China into the mix on this.

Lastly, it is not my dime after all. I have stated an opinion and you have stated a differing one. I see no problem with that and those that will be spending their dime will just decide on their own if this is a good deal or not. My statement was not, “don’t buy”, rather it was “I can not recommend” these instruments.

The $50 purple one

You can go a couple ways.

Generic hard shell case, $49 ships free,

Gig Bag (soft case) $24.99 + shipping

There are several other options in the same price range at the same site.

Hope you find what you are looking for.

Thanks. If my 6 year old daughter does spark an interest after playing around with this guitar- to actually learn. What would you recommend? Is an electric OK to learn on, or would you go acoustic? This seems big for her, is there a 3/4 size you would recommend- or would you not recommend learning on a 3/4 size? Thanks in advance.

Yeah Jeff Beck is good- but I’ll hang with David
Jeff Beck might be able to do all the cool little fancy things on a guitar, but when it comes to putting feeling into a solo David Gilmour takes him.

In your and Gilmores dreams. lol

Anybody see any difference between the two retro fire models, other than the color? It seems odd that the MSRP of the black one would be $100 more than the orange one if the color is the only difference.

Woot? Any info as to why the black one is more than the orange one?

That’s the way Peavey has it priced on their sites too - the black more expensive. More popular, maybe?

Black comes with a tuner and stand. More stuff = higher price.

I bought one of the lavendar ones a few weeks ago for my kid. Like most people I really wasnt sure what I was getting, but now that I have it I can say that its a very nice little guitar, especially for $50. It is surprisingly well built and has a fair amount of heft to it. It played decent out of the box, but I think some minor tweaking it will play just as good as my Squire. The amp is not great, but it works fine for a bedroom jam session.

The only negative for me is the color…its awful. Its probably the reason they are so discounted, I dont think anyone would pay full price for lavender. I am really thinking about stripping the paint and going natural with it.

My daughter loved the color. She is 6 years old though- that might have something to do with it.

Just so you know, Eddie Van Halen plays Peavey now. He’s a hero to some people. Of course he’s not playing any of THESE Peaveys and his branded amp stack is nothing like this transistor radio sans radio but still…

Actually, Eddie has his own line now, called EVH. It’s a Fender company.

Eddie left Peavey a few years ago. I had one of the 5150 Amps that Peavey, great tube amp…

I’m a bass player, but I agree with everything charliecarroll has said. Giving this to a kid as a “starter” guitar is a bad idea. It’s going to sound terrible and make the kid think they are terrible. Plus, I started out playing cheaper instruments with cheap strings and it actually made it harder for me to learn. I’d try to play what I heard and although I was playing the correct notes, it never sounded right.

I guess if it was just a Christmas present you randomly bought for a child that’s fine, but I think spending extra money will make you both happier in the long run. The kid will stick with it and you will get your moneys worth for that.