Play! SR1 Cyclops Spy Car w/Camera & Video LCD Remote


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Play Cyclops Spy Car w/Camera & Video LCD Remote

Video of the car in action here:

You waited up until midnight for this
$99.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Pity the narrow, mediocre minds who take a superficial glance at this Woot! and deride it as just another R/C car. In their ignorance and haste, they deprive themselves of the robust capabilities of the SR1 Cyclops Spy Car – and these are people who need all the help they can get.

But you’ll be too busy playing with your Cyclops to waste too many tears for these benighted fools. Underneath its swinging Cooperesque styling, this groovy vroomer comes equipped with a wireless video camera and microphone, plus audio/video outputs so you can watch on your TV. (We’re confident that a creative, unscrupulous sort like you can come up with some interesting uses for a remote-control hidden camera on wheels.)

Once you’ve had your fill of secretly taping friends and strangers (and trust us, eventually it does get old), you and another Cyclops owner can pit your cars against each other in an infrared laser-tag death match. Two different 27 MHz channels ensure that your R/C signals won’t get crossed. Get a bead on the other guy with a color LCD display with built-in crosshair scope, and fire away. Or just buy two yourself, in case you ever make a friend. Anything’s possible with the Cyclops SR1!

1:14 Scale
High Resolution wireless C-MOS video camera
1.8 inch TFT color LCD display (30 frames per sec.)
Miniature Wireless microphone
Infrared laser tag
RCA audeo and video out
Ultra-bright headlights
High/low speed selector
Dual channels for two players
Safety wrist strap for controller
Remote laser and headlight triggers
RC frequency = 27 Mhz
Headphone and DC power jacks
4 functioning tail-lights also keep score during laser tag matches
After each successful hit 1 tail light goes out. When all 4 are out, the car is disabled and you are a loser
What’s Included:
Cyclops R/C Spy Car
i LCD Controller and antenna
1 9.6V NiCD Rechargeable battery
1 120V AC battery charger
1 Optional AA battery tray for car
1 earphone


Wow… yesterday’s WOOT $499 each and they had 200… almost 100K in sales… not too shabby!!!

LOL this is great… If you read the article about the japanese dude who got busted for looking up skirts with a mirror… this could have saved him getting busted … I see many uses for this puppy… …Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.


Spy cars are cool!!! It really is a great deal too. On Froogle, they have hummer ones for like $200 or more! Who doesn’t want a super cool spy car!!

Get some great deals at


anyone know where I can find a cheap MiniSD card? Preferably 512 mb


Deal w/ it rest of America except Alaska and Hawaii!




…cmon woot, need, cheap, home entertainment equipment to pimp out the apartment not toy cars…even tho it is pretty damn cheap or visit the link below…


Screw the cars, lets see those Photoshopped pictures! -The Latest Tech News, Mods, Hacks, and Deals


At least it isn’t some friggin’ speakers :slight_smile: Don’t need it though.


crap I waited up until midnight for this?!?


[quote user=“edcrack”]niice
anyone know where I can find a cheap MiniSD card? Preferably 512 mb[/quote]
Check here…


Cool! Slow tonite. 1st? :?:


would be nice for the cubicle, but i can’t drop $100 for a toy car.


Uh…can’t you go blind doing that?


WHere was this woot 15 years ago???


whats up sucka…remote control cars…lets try lcd digital tv’s! Come on woot…we’ve asked for it for months!


[size=18:ca25ed1e95]MORE DEL— MYSTERY 5.1S IN THE BOX![/size:ca25ed1e95]

or at least an amp of some sort… im tryin to set up an outdoor sound system here!


Looks like a sweet toy! Just might have to jump in for one. Would be great for the kids to spy on each othere. hehe


Is there a photosho pcontest on this one?