Play! SR1 Cyclops Spy Car w/Camera & Video LCD Remote


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return of the spycar


Page 1!

Any specs yet?


Page 1!

Any specs yet?


aww, crap!




to expensive for me


i was kind of hoping this would come up… now i just have to decide if i should buy or not… hmmmmm

edit: $10 cheaper than last time :smiley:

edit2: when they first had this it never sold out, so it may be up there for a while; time for bed now :?:


someone used this in the photoshop contest, I thought it was pretty funny.


Crap, i hope this sells out quick as hell because im unreasonably tired with a lot to do tomorrow. BUY THREE PEOPLE! Hrm… oh yeah… FIRST PAGE!


I stayed up until 2:30am for this? lol


It would be better if it was $50. :slight_smile:


Play Cyclops Spy Car w/Camera & Video LCD Remote
You waited up until midnight for this
$89.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Pity the narrow, mediocre minds who take a superficial glance at this Woot! and deride it as just another R/C car. In their ignorance and haste, they deprive themselves of the robust capabilities of the SR1 Cyclops Spy Car – and these are people who need all the help they can get.

But you’ll be too busy playing with your Cyclops to waste too many tears for these benighted fools. Underneath its swinging Cooperesque styling, this groovy vroomer comes equipped with a wireless video camera and microphone, plus audio/video outputs on the remote so you can watch on your TV. (We’re confident that a creative, unscrupulous sort like you can come up with some interesting uses for a remote-control hidden camera on wheels.)

Once you’ve had your fill of secretly taping friends and strangers (and trust us, eventually it does get old), you and another Cyclops owner can pit your cars against each other in an infrared laser-tag death match. Two different 27 MHz channels ensure that your R/C signals won’t get crossed. Get a bead on the other guy with a color LCD display with built-in crosshair scope, and fire away. Or just buy two yourself, in case you ever make a friend. Anything’s possible with the Cyclops SR1!


* 1:14 Scale
* High Resolution wireless C-MOS video camera
* 1.8 inch TFT color LCD display (30 frames per sec.)
* Miniature Wireless microphone
* Infrared laser tag
* RCA audio and video outputs on the remote
* Ultra-bright headlights
* High/low speed selector
* Dual channels for two players
* Safety wrist strap for controller
* Remote laser and headlight triggers
* RC frequency = 27 Mhz
* Headphone and DC power jacks
* 4 functioning tail-lights also keep score during laser tag matches
* After each successful hit 1 tail light goes out. When all 4 are out, the car is disabled and you are a loser

What’s Included:

* Cyclops R/C Spy Car
* i LCD Controller and antenna
* 1 9.6V NiCD Rechargeable battery
* 1 120V AC battery charger
* 1 Optional AA battery tray for car
* 1 earphone


Cool and I could use one. But the price is too rich for me.


I always wanted to see what’s it like in the woman bathroom. This’ll answer the question.

<---- sick bastard


[size=18:82a1a3f560]OK, I think Woot’s business has hit critical mass and will continue in woot-off mode indefinately. Man, that would be cruel to all those that miss items! [/size:82a1a3f560]


This may be up here for awhile…


Nuts… I’d rather have that dinosaur. This is too expensive for me to justify.


And I think thats it for the night. Too expensive for people to buy just to get to the next thing.


Almost worth it just to see the look of pure horror on my cat’s face as I ruthlessly chase it around the house, shooting it with lasers. Almost.