Playair Inflatable Defender Ben Wallace

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Playair Inflatable Defender Ben Wallace
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Funny as hell.

Good god! In for 3!

this is great! i wish i had a use for this!


Jesus, finally, I’ve been waiting forever for this.

Definitely the funniest and scariest item ever on Woot!



Can I put him in the passenger seat and drive in the car pool lane???

Why does this item exist?

i bought one, it stole my wallet…

Am I nuts or did they already have this?

Do they have any cheerleader ones?

I’ve needed a new target at the shooting range.

Seriously ?

what the heck?

I don’t think so…

What the…??

just don’t use it to drive in the carpool lane…

What on earth is a Ben Wallace?