Player 2: A Love Story Woot Info Post
neither rain nor snow nor

Player 2: A Love Story [Press Heart to Continue] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Friday) OR $5 international shipping

1 * Black Woot Tee

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v-day woot? I’ll pass. Last years “I’m single” shirt rules!

Is this the same dude who did Nevermore???

For a second, I thought the current Derby had ended.

Pretty sneaky, Woot!

Are you kidding?

I mean… there are thousands of gamer references shirts and romance shirts… and you went with this?

I think anyone who would want to buy this shirt is the definition of a paradox, as he has no girlfriend.

if there’s no player 2, why are there two scores at the top?

maybe you’re really looking for a player 3. that’s a totally different kind of party.

wow… that is so bad, it’s good… bravo…

Ten days early, Woot!

A guaranteed brownie-point earner for nerdy girlfriends!

I imagine the high score initials on this game read “LUV”.

No love for luigi?
“Plumers are red”

Funny how the start button doesn’t appear in the photo.

No Mario anything. No Luigi, no Donkey Kong, no Wario, no Princess Peach, no Koopalings, no MarioKart, no Yoshi, no Tanooki suit, NOTHING from the Mario universe.

Sound familiar?

Isn’t select usually the join button for player 2?

I think that could actually work.

It just has to be used on the right type of girl.

Plumbers are sometimes green


Hedgehogs are sometime pink and black

This will definitely raise your experience points to achieve no loving.

Texted woot shirt for the lose. Seriously, I say it again. Hmmm…

Will this come in time for n00bentin3z Dai?