Playful Foxes

Cute fox alert!

Yeah, but I have one already.

I’m zero for however many it’s been so far. You’re keeping track, right? I hope so, because I’m sure not…

%$#@! I knew I forgot to count, or something.

I have noticed, most of these aren’t new.

I did end up missing this one, but it’s for a shirt I not only have, but prefer the remix of. The purple one’s better. :3

I’m hoping there will be some sort of non-shirt fox item, something new, y’know?

But yay, nice to see this one promoted again.

Why is this listed under artist derpythings?

I’m too tired to count. I just turned out the lights in the room; a few of my shirts here are glowing, and the screen on my tablet, but that’s it…

The new designs are probably going to pop up in the morning onwards. The night hours don’t account for many sales…

Hmmm, because she’s the artist?

Fable isn’t the only artist that draws foxes, y’know.

You… should wallpaper your room in Woot shirts. Fold them and pin them to the wall so that it’s solid Woot designs floor to ceiling.