Playing With My Heart

That’s a lot of heart.

Like a total eclipse of the heart.

A pretty girl’s heart can play a melody.

There’s a poem in that…or perhaps a rock opera.

Because I could not ROCK for death, he kindly ROCKED for me…

I haven’t seen the “premium tee” offering done before.

Maybe it’s just me, but my experience with poly/cotton blend is that they degrade much faster than the cotton blanks I’ve been buying here for years. The poly/cotton blanks in question were AA, not what’s up for sale here.

Ooooh, like the design on that Premium Tee - ROCKS! Is that a new thing?

can anyone tell me what is the advantage to buying the Eco premium tshirt for $8 more ?

“These clumsy feet, still in the mire,
Go crushing blossoms without end;
These hard, well-meaning hands we thrust
Among the heart-strings of a friend.” From “A Fool’s Prayer” by Edward Rowland Sill

This is a killer design, it warrants the premium tee.

Thanks so much for the kind words guys :smiley:

Cool design on a premium tee. Tempting!

This would totally be an insta-buy if the guitar looked like an electric. As it stands, The Reaper looks like he’s playin’ me some CSN&Y. Which is cool n’ all, but I kinda had more of a hankerin’ for a little Morbid Angel or Cacophony.

He’s totally playing a Dreadnaut…
Would death play anything else? :wink:

PS- Neil Young is more hardcore than anything on electric- haha

Gah, this is pretty badass! And wot’s this about a premium shirt? Where is Narfcake when you need him??

Can somebody translate “eco-mock twist ringer” into humanese?

This design is pretty rad!

Is “rad” still a word?

Sure: you’re paying extra for contrasting color bits on the ends of the sleeves and around the neck. The material is beefy, but it’s 50% cotton/50% polyester. That’s generally considered a cheaper material, but is the only way to get a decent “heather grey” (ie flecked grey). For my part, I like to wear t-shirts without generating lighting from all the static build-up, so I will pass on this new offering, but to each his own…

Please note: I say “to each his own” because the description of the premium-t notes that it is men’s slim fit sizes, which implies women’s sizes are not yet available.

He was working. :tongue:

Product Information:
The ringer shirt is manufactured by Alternative Apparel. They’re very soft.