Please Don’t Feed The Whatever That Thing Is



*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after February 6th


i’d feed it some meat :wink:




I like it because it’s so random (plus, good colors), but I’m not in for one. I don’t really need to be buying any more shirts for a while.


Yikes, nice colors though.


is that a pokemon?


Seven colors again. Is this the second shirt with more than 6?


what’s up with all the sad rats? don’t we only need one of those per woot?


Cool colors (would be even better if the maroon/red lifted off the shirt), but I’ve picked up one too many woot! shirts in the past few weeks. Commendable, but I’ll be waiting for something truly outstanding.


the rodent’s revenge didn’t sellout, so there are more sad rats than usual


Aww our posts before got deleted.

Oh well. Congrats to the artist, great design just not for me. Hope you sell out.

Good night everyone.


nice shirt, i’m debating whether or not i should buy it.


whatever that thing is, it looks angry :slight_smile:

will have to show my daughter this one tomorrow…she might want it. so you can all hold on the parade of “enough of shirts for 8 year olds” until i find out if she likes it, since she’s, ya know, 8 :wink:


i feel the same. im all tapped out on tshirt money, but when i wake up in the morning, who knows…

i really do like it, but i dont think it “grabs” me enough to spring for 10 bux 2 days in a row.

edit awww hell, im n41


Wish it was, so I could buy it for my 8 year old. To bad he would know it isn’t really a Pokemon. Pass for me.


Far too many asphalt shirts lately, My last three non-random shirts actually…I have to pass.


I am strangely drawn to it because of that expression.


it makes me feel like buying it.


it’s disturbingly cute! I like it.