Please help a fellow wooter!

If you have a just a few minutes to spare and would like to help our PemberDucky win MS Twitter please go to the link below and vote for her. She was in first place prior to Pink fans rallying and sending Pink into first.

Let’s see if we can get 2,000 votes for Ducky by tonight. I’d like to see a fellow wooter and non celebrity take the non prize title of MS Twitter.

You do not need a Twitter account to vote, just click on link below. Let them know you’re not a b o t and vote. Thank you in advance for your time and help. Woot rocks!


Oh golly! Thanks so much, m’lady!

I’m just tickled by all the support people have shown as it is.

'Course, I ain’t gonna tell people NOT to vote, either! Have at it all you want, EBW!

I’ve been voting constantly. :slight_smile:

Me, too.

I’m going to end up behind boobie girl. It think when I clicked on her, she is some porn actress.