Please help my school raise some money (really easy, please view!)


Hey everybody,

I and a group of three other people entered a video contest sponsored by, a teen website that I had never heard of. The contest was to see who could create the best 30-second commercial spotlighting a L’Oreal product, either their straightener, curler, or lip gloss. My group did the straightener product, and I edited the commercial. We made the top 25 finalists, and we could use your help in the online voting portion.

You can go to this URL directly to vote:
My school is Thomas Jefferson HS. 5 is the highest, 1 is lowest. Please vote 5!

Props to Titan VIII and Creative Cows for their tutorials on the video wall. You’ll definitely notice the “stolen” idea from Titan VIII’s newest montage. I viewed the rest of them, and none of them really stuck out. I really liked ours.

Thanks for any help you can give us! It only takes a minute to do this. You need to sign up, but they don’t require e-mail confirmation or anything. Just make sure your username and password are both at least 5 letters long.

This is not a scam or anything like that, no popularity contest or anything. There were 100 schools who entered, and the judges selected ours to be one of the top 25. Our school will win $3000 if we get first place, and 50% of the final judgment is the online voting portion. Also, our group will win trips to New York!

Please be mature about discussing this, and keep comments to ones regarding the commercials.


P.S. If you want to vote 1 for the others, that’d help. lol.


//sets fire to derek


Thomas Jefferson High School? Is that the one in Annandale, VA?

Anyways, call me stupid, but I can’t get that commercial to work. I have Firefox, so any tips would have to be geared towards that internet browser.


This person has to be the most literate and well-spoken (writing-wise) high schooler I’ve “read” in a long time . . .

I think this is spam . . .


I resent that comment. ^^

Thomas Jefferson HS is a magnet school in Annandale, VA. We are a very “selective” school with a focus on academic excellence, specifically in science and technology. This is probably the reason that I’m so “literate.” Our students work frequently with the Naval Research Laboratory and the National Institute of Health, among others. I’m in the Videotechnology Tech Lab as a senior, and my group entered this contest to see how we could do. I edited the video, and I’m looking for some support. This may be judged as spam, but would it be spam if I just said to check out the videos and rate them? Probably not. :-/


herrsmith, you’re right. I’m using Firefox, and the player is very finicky. It wouldn’t work the first time I viewed it, and then, once, magically, it started working, and I was able to view all of the commercials. I’m not sure exactly what the problem is; the player seems Flash-based, but I didn’t install or change anything in order to get it to work. It may be a problem on their end, but that doesn’t make much sense either…


You’re right. It was a very cynical statement . . as cynical as your reply is arrogant!


Sorry to disagree, AZG. I don’t see an issue with this thread, after viewing the link. Woot Staff my disagree, but please let them decide.

Good luck, Rockmaninoff and T.J. HS.


Nice try, but in this forum, nothing ever stays on-topic.


//confiscates all lighters, matches and accelerants within ten miles of DM.
(I removed the other carcass you left for me overnight.)

//goes to find those handcuffs…


You’re right . . . I looked at the site and the contest appears legit . . .

Great idea by L’Oreal . . . spend a few thousand dollars on a contest instead of a few hundred thousand on a Madison Ave. ad agency . . . almost exploitative!!

I also noted at the site a couple photos of young teens that I don’t think their parents would approve of posting in an open forum . . .

But I’m an old codger . . .

[edit] And for whatever it’s worth, I’ll check out the commercial videos when I get home . . . never hurts to support the local team!!!

Annandale’s a nice area . . .


I went. I actually worked at NRL my senior year. Actually, depending on how many Dereks go to that school and are seniors right now, I might be speaking on an online message board with my next door neighbor…

It works now, and that’s actually a pretty darned good commercial.


YIKES! I actually watched and rated all 25, lol…no comments from the peanut gallery…dang music gets annoying! Not a sinle Ffox issue for me, either.

Nicely done, Thomas Jefferson H.S.
Stephenson, Allen and Eastview were pretty good, in my inexperienced opinion. I gave honest ratings, Rock, but nothing over a three to the others. :wink:


//uses stolen eyeglasses to re-ignite the fire


You’ve got to be kidding me…Richard??? That’s ridiculous! How’s life? How’s bass?


I owe you and this thread an apology . . .

I watched the commercial entries; I voted for some school in Annandale!!! [:)]


Have to say this is a first for me.

Everything is going pretty well. We should hang out some time (I go back the sixth). I’m more often out than not, so PM me to get in touch.


I think I prefer Haslett HS one, sorry. The others blended in…you remember the chainsaw…


I gave you a 5. I gave oakton kissing booth a 5 too.
Reading the comments made me glad I’m not in high school anymore.


OMG, so true! LMAO!!!


Apology accepted. I think I came off a bit arrogant, and I apologize for that. I was trying to explain why I was so literate. Thanks for voting!

Haha, high schoolers can be so immature. I especially love the person who named him or herself “granitebaystud” and then went around to EVERYONE else’s school and posted “u suck” as a comment.

Re: the chainsaw…I agree, it stuck out a lot. The other ones that I liked were Eastview, Carson, and Allen.