Please help!

Can someone tell me where the add to cart button is? I’m trying to buy a product. I’m not blind, just truly frustrated. Thanks.

Which product?
Are you signed in?
Is it not sold out?

Green Mountain coffee deal. I select 4, sign in and get account page, then I don’t know what else to do. Customer support is a joke.

Are you signed in to Amazon Prime or have a credit card put in to your account yet?
I’ve purchased almost 100 items here at woot & it works good for me.
Look at the top & see if it’s in your ‘cart’ and make sure it isn’t sold out or something.

Yeah sorry that’s a bug - the redirect isn’t working to go back to the coffee page as it should so it’s going to the account page which is the default. If you go back to the coffee page after you’re signed in you should see add to cart ok.

I can’t sign in with in amazon. It goes to a blank white screen and won’t go o the wood website. Any suggestions?

Thank you

maybe it sold out,friend