Please interpret this ridiculous dream.

O Woot gods and fellow wooters, I implore thee…
A friend of mine described to me this dream she recently had, I wanted to share it with you in hopes of receiving some kind of interpretation (whatever you make of it lol). Actual names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

It begins:

[i] …I awoke yesterday morning with this on my iPhone screen:

“Chad Baker. Dog morphing, markers on plates sunshine with camels. Pretty fly for a white guy. Popcorn mumbling (speak!) Jane forgiving Landon”

Baffled as I was, after much contemplation throughout my morning routine, I was able to piece together parts of a dream I had… It was very odd to say the least. Here is what I recall:

After driving in the car (where Jane was lamenting about Landon, saying she had forgiven him for…something) she invited me over for dinner in a small apartment with white walls and a dark, wooden table. Chad did not know I was coming over, so Jane asked me to hide in the dining area, which was on the other side of the wall of the entryway to the apartment, right before he came through the door on his way home from work. I was hiding in the dining area thinking I should be doing some arts and crafts. Chad comes through the door and Jane calmly explains that I’m here. Chad says, “Where is she?” And I promptly pop out from behind the wall making a silly expression…his response was to cower against the front door looking mortified. Jane had to calm him down.

It was at that moment that Pretty Fly for a White Guy by the Offspring began to play…very loudly…in the dream. It was the background music for the remainder of the visit. Like a broken record. Over. And over. And over.

Right next to the dining area was a bar which faced the kitchen. The lighting was pretty neat, actually…kind of a rosy, soft glow and very modern…classy restaurant lighting.

The next thing I remember is sitting down at the table painting a white china plate with these marker paint pens. I drew a sun on one side of the plate and filled in the orange/yellow circle. I then proceeded to draw grass…and…camels grazing.

This is where the dream switches to third person view. (Pretty Fly is still blaring through some hidden speakers…)

Jane was standing in the bar area mixing some beverage of some sort on the marble counter. Chad was sitting on a leather stool in the entryway of the kitchen. I’m watching myself paint the camels and I’m feeling rather hungry. I then see this strange, woolly facial hair emerging from both the top of my head (like an afro) and from my chin. My face had begun to turn a brown-ish color as well. I was morphing into a dog. BUT I kept going back from human to dog. The two of them had no reaction to this. It must have been completely normal to see hair emerging and retracting from my skull. As I said, I was feeling kind of hungry, and Chad was mumbling about being hungry as well. In fact, I don’t think Chad really said anything. He just mumbled the entire time. However, Jane was very articulate and clear. She was making suggestions about what we should do and eat when Chad mumbled something about popcorn.
I said (in my dog form) “What, Chad? What do you think we should eat? You’re mumbling!” He mumbled something more…and I said, “SPEAK!” He replied very loudly, “POPCORN, DAMMIT!”

All I remember after that is Jane arguing that wasn’t a good enough meal and we needed something more nutritious. I agreed, but I was starving. That is all…[/i]

And that truly is all. If you made it this far reading it, have at it if you will. Thanks and good luck - looking forward to what you all will make of this. =P

//Stands back waiting for no1 to give a witty answer about her dream.

Sounds somewhat that you were morphing not into a dog, but a Chia Pet. I too am waiting for a witty, insightful response

I had a dream like that once only it wasn’t a dream it was the 70’s and the acid was bad.


there you go, can’t beat that.

What? There are no camels where there is grass. They live on sand.

It appears that this would make more sense we had some grass.

I never did get up the nerve to do LSD.

what do camels eat?

Arabian camels aren’t known for their kissable lips. Their large, leathery mouths can handle the prickly thorns of almost any kind of desert vegetation, including that which other animals steer clear of.

Of course, even so, deserts can be, well, like deserts. Yet just as a camel can survive for weeks without water, it can go weeks without food.

The animals make sure they get the most from their infrequent meals by digesting their food several times in their stomach’s three chambers. They also help quench their thirst by absorbing moisture from the plants they eat.

What do camels eat?

The food that camels eat depend on whether they are domesticated, feral or living in zoos. In the wild, camels will eat just about anything as it is very hard to find food. They eat plants, dried leaves, seeds, bones, fish meat and even leather! Domesticated camels (those raised by people) are usually fed dates, grass, wheat and oats. In zoos, camels are fed hay and dry grass- about 3.5 kilograms of food everyday!

does there have the precise vocabulary “merycismus” to explain it? nice!

Reminds me of a dream where I was eating marshmallows, and when I woke up, my head was covered with chocolate, graham crackers, and a bunch of cub scouts nibbling at my head.