Please love this

I’d rather hear, “snap . . . boiiing . . . crack . . . boiiing . . . pop . . . boiiing . . .”

Eat a bowl of Rice Krispies while you watch it.

I like this one better

If I go there and I hear that pony song…I’ll get you zilla!

OK, it is you that I’m after. I’ll find you someday. And I won’t forget.

I’m not going to bite on that one. Was it the ponies, D’name?

Saddams hanging and then the ponies.

An odd combination.

Two separate videos.

1 common cause

Can you put those cars side by side?

they are by me

They aren’t one on top of the other? That is weird.
Do you stay busy this time of year?

what’s considered busy?

I don’t know. You are playing here, so I guess you aren’t that busy.
Are the kids enjoying the warm weather?

I play here while on conference calls…

same here