Please provide manufacturer item numbers for listings

Hello, I think this would benefit quite a few number of people if more of the descriptions would also include the manufacturer part or model number. Some of the listings do mention the part numbers like this one ( Samsung Galaxy A72 (SM-A725M/DS), Dual SIM 4G, International Version, 128GB, Blue - GSM Only)

For example there was a listing for a Pixel 3 XL I participated in on a whim because one of the Woot staffers provided the part number and when searching for it, the description wasn’t actually correct (Verizon model described in listing instead of the actual T-Mobile phone shipped) . Thank you @ThunderThighs !

And today there’s a listing for an Apple TV 4k but it doesn’t mention which of the two possible releases this listing is for.

Most items seem to, but I do believe woot is at the mercy of the vendor’s provided data.

That is why some items don’t have model numbers listed - the items are mixed lots that are brought to the same specs, unlocked the same, etc.

But I’ll pass on your request.