PLEASE READ & HELP me post ANYWHERE to raise $ for a Blood Transfusion for one of our dogs!

Hello everyone,
I usually post in the “Woot-Only” forums, but am starting a post here in hopes that I can get this shared and spread around to any outlets possible!! Thank you all in advance for sharing this!


I am desperately trying to raise money for one of our dogs who needs a blood transfusion…

I am running out of options as I have posted this many times on my Twitter & Facebook, and am desperate for ANY HELP anyone can give including posting this ANYWHERE you can (TWITTER/FACEBOOK seem to be the most popular places). Thank you all in advanced & feel free to PM me if you have ANY questions!!!

Sebastian’s (SeaBass) Blood Transfusion

I hate to hear about your dog. I saw on the gofundme page he had a vet visit today. Any better news?

No better news yet unfortunately (though the good news is that he is NOT getting worse yet)!

Has has just started Chemotherapy Treatments every day for 50 days until he can get a Blood Transfusion.

THANK YOU & to Everyone who SHARES THIS!!!

I keep spending on stuff that I really don’t need and for fun of grabbing a Bag 0 Crap. I am one Greedy Crappist…Hehe

For once It makes me happy that I made good use of my Crap money for this month.

Thank you for reaching out for Sebastian.Let him know to hang in there and I wish he will do just fine.

Keep us updated

Thank you so much abidace666!!!

He is slooowly starting to get his appetite back now! I am going to be updating his page hopefully by tomorrow with a new picture of him and his vet.

Damn . . . And I thought I’ve seen and heard it all!!

I’ve done what I can. Not much, but every bit helps. We do what needs to be done for our furry friends.

Any updates?

edit…I checked your last update on the 8th.

well said…