Where does everybody get this lady? http://www.woot.com/Images/contest/46-Josephus.jpg U know the lady on the ramp? I cant find that hosting company with her on it. I used to know but can not remember for the life of me. Please!!! I need that picture


That is the Woot Brave Woman. She makes an appearance from time to time on Woot. Once they sold the “Woot Brave Woman Adventure Set”. It was funny. I think it had a Woot Hat, a big old spotlight and a water bottle. It was during a Woot Off I think. Anyway you can do a Google Image search on her and come up with some stuff.


She use to be all over the old forums but they are gone now :frowning:



Thanks So Much Man, Check this out
I pissed myself laughin so hard. Thanx for the help :slight_smile:


mnementh posted a bunch of the original posted-by-woot pictures in a forum, which I just bumped up for you.

You do know that the woot staff/contest voting judges, at least one of them doesn’t like her, right? and that virtually guarantees a loss if you post her? right?
she does has a certain allure, I know. good luck.