Pleated Fleece: Pleece And Thank You

I am not able to see pictures of all the items. I do see most, but not all. Do you have any idea how I can fix this? I only get the placeholders. I turned ad-block off (win XP). I don’t have this problem on any other sites. It started when you changed the layout last year. Hoping you can help you cute little robot!!

Is that a Thneed?

Hey I had to look that up. :slight_smile: (Which are you referring to, the hood?) I sort of like the shawl myself. I’m always getting chilly.

Definitely - Totally looks like a thneed!

Seems like the links here on woot! to the Fjorn website are all broken.

I bet she is dating a college football quarterback-:wink:

That is exactly what I thought! Awesome post.

What, no capes like Ezio had in Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood?

Where does the USB wire plug in?

I’d like to note that fleece is obtained from sheep, for the most part; and from other animals such as alpacas and angora goats.

I don’t know of any animal that produces polyester or viscose fibers…

I love you Bronla…

I’m not too sure about buying Pleated fleece, but that lady fashion model Bronla sure is smoking hot.:slight_smile:

I’d like to see more of her modeling with other quality Woot goodies.

Perhaps someday an Eneloop bikini?

Please Woot? Someday? Pleeeece?
A guy can dream, right?

I need that thneed!

I hope you got the reference… We need hip catz in our midst.

P.S. They are Definitely Needed!

You had to LOOK IT UP!? Well, at least you know what the TARDIS is.

Product Marketing pay attention!

I am only looking at your silly products because of your beautiful model. Please use more beautiful models.

Thank you

It’s hard when you know so much to keep things from falling by the wayside!

I’ll do better!

That shawl looks too cozy. I’m going to stash one for my Mom in aubergine, but I can’t decide on a color for myself. I’m usually a teal girl.

Edit: I went with rust. Hopefully it’s orange enough to work with my teal-heavy wardrobe but not so orange that it looks odd against my pink-fair skin. Colors are always a bit iffy on a monitor, so we’ll see if it’s a going out wrap or a stay home and read wrap.

Hopefully these are really soft too.

It appears that wootbot has beat y’all to Brønia’s doorstep… and probably scared her from woot central, if not the entire DFW area, forever. :stuck_out_tongue: