Pleated Fleece: Pleece And Thank You

Well I am buying a hat, a long scarf, and a jacket Thneed to wear in the Tardis. I WOULD have bought a beanie, but I am hoping the hat is longer so I can pull it over my eyes for those occasions when I hear MY Doctor (David Tennant, thank you. ALLONS-Y!!!) yell “DON’T BLINK!!!”
Stinking weeping angels. I hate 'em.
And yes, I hate them in the stars,
and yes, I hate them when on Mars,
and yes, I hate them while in Greece (the “Pompeii” episode…when Donna was the companion? OK, no “weeping angels” but it fit my Dr Seuss rhyme scheme)
Now, off to watch the rest of my 128-episode MST3K Marathon. Age of the Geek, baby…age of the Geek.

For those of you who can’t get enough of “the hot model”, she never went to Texas. Look here:

Does anyone know if you get the three day shipping if that is per order or all day as well? I wanted to get two pieces for three day shipping, but not sure how that works? Mod?

Thanks for any help!

I know it is too late to complain, but seriously, the poncho fits my 6’2" 290lb husband. It does not even come close to looking like anything but a tent on me, and they are very pretty, but a pricey thing I can’t wear.

Perhaps you can re-sell to someone who missed the sale and wanted one.

I was intrigued by the poncho but afraid it would either be too small or mask my plus-size curves and make me look like a blob.

I got two wraps (aubergine and rust) and a throw (navy). I wish that I’d gone in for the hood (didn’t at the time because the tag looked odd on the point of the hood). This material is very tactile, which I love, but I’m not so thrilled with the rust color. It’s less orange and more salmon than the picture, and the color isn’t really solid – there is a color variance in the fibers that makes the color less vivid than I had hoped. Still, it does feel very nice; I’m attracted to materials that feel good to touch, and the pleats help with that.

I really wanted it to fit, the material is beautiful.

I wish I could tell you the poncho would look great, I just don’t know, I think on the model they had to have pinned and revamped it to make it look good on her.

If anyone wants a poncho in Denim or Tan I have them, PM me.

I ordered the hood in aubergine but woot sent me the jacket instead. It’s plenty nice and very pleated - but I definitely don’t want the jacket. Just sent a second email to woot - no response the first time. Sad face!!

If anyone ever has a scarf, hat or the hooded scarf thingie they are willing to sell, let me know. I’m really interested in buying a few. I just can’t justify paying $50 a scarf…no matter how much I like them.