____pleby's (lksdddf09sd)

I leave my desk BOC happen.

OK I will sit till the next one…gotta pee…

BOC happens…:frowning:

Disappointment all around!

I want one :frowning:

FYI, in the past BOCs, I’ve been stuck in the VOP, and patience does pay off. BTW, reloading the page will lose your spot in the line.

Waaaaaaaiiiiiiiiit, all these years? Looks like 2 weeks. hmmmmmm

I’m figuring you created a new account for Prime. Just pulling your leg.

Crappy situation…I’ve missed all three thanks to the VoP…

Was on a job interview call when it came up. I landed in the VOP but STILL managed to snag one. On a side not I don’t think I got the job lol

The joyous screaming about impending disappointment probably didn’t help any.

How Not to Get Enraged About Having to Sign In Multiple Times[list][]Realize everyone else is in the same boat, so the playing field is still even.
]That’s it, really…
[]Okay, fine, if you need something else, how about reminding yourself that this is a pretty dumb thing to spend your money on anyway.
]And yet here we all are. What does that say about any of us?[/list]


Dawwww, and look what popped up on my timeline just yesterday. =)



TT Feel free to punish any whiners and take any future BOCs that they manage to be quick enough for and forward them to me. I won’t complain.

I’m new to Woot and don’t understand where to look for the BOCs. I understand they only come up periodically but which part of the site do I need to be on to see them and try my luck at claiming one?

Thanks in advance and congrats to everyone for winning a bag of disappointment!

Welcome. Today they will appear during the woot-off on this site.

Good luck on achieving disappointment.

During Woot-Offs they tend to pop up in the Sellout section lately, though previously they would often appear on the main page. When they do appear, they sell out in a heartbeat, so it pays to get alerted to the new listings somehow. (I use Wootstalker, which has helped me snag a bag maybe once per ten attempts).

More infrequently, they can show up ANYWHERE. There have been treasure-hunt type events, puzzle events, hidden codes, surprise pop-ups in the Woot Twitter feed, random Woot Plus appearances, etc. On holidays like Christmas and Woot’s anniversary they can show up on the main page at midnight Central. The only hard and fast rules are that they’re almost never announced beforehand, and that they sell out within moments.

Good luck!

Yeah, pretty sure that didn’t help either :slight_smile:

Thank you, Tattle. Do I need to be in the “Sellout” section to see when one comes up? I’m unclear as to where to watch for the woot-off. I’m dying to be disappointed!

Yep, the woot-off is happening today on

One sale after another as they sell out or the timer expires.

Thank you! :smiley:

Hey there Wooters! Join us at the main thread for the BOC unveilings.


^^ Click the big image