Plenio 4.3” Widescreen Portable GPS with DIVX Player

is this GPS worth it?

1 Plenio VXA-4300 4.3” Widescreen Portable GPS with DIVX Player
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The Amazon reviews on this one, though few, aren’t too great…

Thanks for saving me from making huge mistake in buying one for my parents. I have already been birned with one magellan gps from woot that I gave my parents that worked for about a week.

More so-so reviews

So can you film stuff on the Woot camera and play it back on this?


what is worth it?

I just cannot understand the attraction of a wide display, that shows you everything you’re passing, rather than showing you where you are going.

'Zactly. I had a Garmin iQue 3600 (aka palm PDA plus GPS) that was great - it oriented top up, and worked like a charm between hanging (as I understand most palms do).

Agreed. I find the compactness of the non-widescreen ones to be a much better feature than the larger display of the widescreen ones.

Can anyone locate the companies website? I’ve been trying on google for some time now and it doesn’t seem to come up.


Here’s a review on another GPS made by Plenio - I got the company website from this article:

The company website, which shows that the model offered by Woot is no longer offered:

Nevermind, just found it…

It is true that you don’t need to display all the stuff you are passing, but the widescreen display can be useful if all of the options and screen clutter are pushed to the sides and corners. Plus, you know, it is better for watching movies while you drive, which i’m sure we all do :wink:

I should get one for my parents, so when we go on a road trip, I can watch movies :slight_smile:

“Haven’t you ever just gotten tired of looking at the road and wished you could watch a movie instead?..” This isn’t even funny. Not just this marginal product, but no more sellout.woot for me. To may other people doing the same thing on other sites. Offensive marketing.

I read on /. a couple days ago that they’re seeing a link between Alzheimer’s and people not “getting” sarcasm / irony - you should look into that.

after buying a Plenio VXA3000 (from Woot), I will never buy another Plenio product… ever.

I had to ship the unit to them twice for repairs. However, they were quick about that and the customer service was ok. It took them twice to figure out that the SD card was bad, not the unit.

It doesn’t calculate short distances very well. Sometimes it spazzes and will just throw random maps up for a moment while it finds you with the satellite. It only uses SD cards up to 2gb. The mini USB connection is for “Tech use only” so I was told by customer service. So, you can’t hook a drive or an ipod to it, via usb.

I haven’t tried a SDHC card in it, but, it really sucks it isn’t expandable and the maps hog up most of the SD card.

You can put a few songs on the SD card via a reader on your PC/MAC but playing it through the Plenio’s AM transmitter is a major suckage also.

I had the unit right next to my Sony head unit and the music still sounded scratchy and hollow.

Stay away from Plenio.

Plenty O’ Carp.

Any idea how hackable this is?