Plenty O' RCA TVs

Seems like the identical 42’ is at sears for less.

found it while I was looking for reviews, which I can’t seem to find anywhere.

[MOD: Unavailable for deliver or store pick up for the few locations I tried.]

I saw that too. Kmart has it for $259.99 as well, but only for delivery.

why do the pics of the connectors on the back of the TV not match the specs woot had down? Does it have 2 or 4 HDMI, no VGA…wait I see it there.

which TV are you looking at?

RCA R40LA45RQ 40" 1080p LCD HDTV.

The picture shows 4 HDTV inputs. The write-up mentions 2.


Everywhere else shows the RLED22B45RQD has a response time of 3.5ms. Is the woot one really slower at 5ms?

Thanks for spotting the difference.
We are currently contacting the vendor to find out which refresh rate is correct.

Thanks, looks like specs tab says 3.5ms now. Features tab still says 5ms.
In for 1. This’ll mount over the baby crib quite nicely. :wink:

We recently bought an RCA 39" for a family member. Picture is great. The biggest problem is the sound – Honestly, I’m not thrilled with the sound on any flat screen (and recommend either a good speaker system or at least a sound bar).

With the RCA’s there is some good news, in that they have several sound settings, including one that allows you to control the graphic equalizer – If you don’t understand equalizers (I didn’t), you can get ideas on how to start with a bit of internet research. From there, it’s largely trial and error.

These seem like good deals until you look them up to see the original pricing and see that you can buy it for BRAND NEW from sears for $10 less!! And the other TVs are all very similar pricing for the new thing too. I’m new to the woot! site but I am NOT impressed. If this is just a scheme to see who will fall for the “sale” sign and not look up any background info or regular pricing, then I will not be using this site.

if you provide a link to such a sale, it may help us with our pricing. that’s what lots of our customers do.

be sure to check that you’re looking at the same model numbers and specs so we’re comparing apples to apples.

RCA RLED22B45RQD 22" 1080p LED HDTV with Built-in DVD Player

Arrived today and only had 1 HDMI input instead of the 3 as listed on the specs page. I have emailed to rectify this injustice.

Edit: Woot support compensated me for the discrepancy.

My tv came with the screen broken and the wrong tv stand with no hardware. Woot will not respond to my email and on-corp rca has been giving me the run around for over a month. I will never buy from woot or rca again. Also, I will advise everyone that I can to not deal with them either.

Sorry to hear that you haven’t received an email response from Woot Member Services. Have you checked the spam folder of your email provider? Sometimes their responses get filtered there.

I’ll forward your post along to them to see if I can get you a resolution.

Yes, i’ve checked the spam mail. Thank you for any help.

On-corp will not return phone calls or emails. I guess I’m out $200. Not cool woot.

Our buyer has been in touch with On Corp. They should be contacting you shortly. I’m sorry for the frustrating experience.