Plotting your Demise

Can a person have a cuteness induced hairball?

That’s what I was thinking. That kitty look WAY too cute to be threatening.

I think “cat” is actually an acronym for Cute Adorable Terrorizer.

I think we have a new mascot for the green eyed monster.

I feel like this shirt is 100% accurate. They have just been studying us for centuries, all under the guise of adorableness.

This shirt states the obvious. In a most adorable way.

Add this to the Top Ten Ways You Know Your Cat is Planning To Kill You List: he gives you this adorable shirt from shirt.woot for a present.

No men’s 3xl??? Would have bought this one too. :frowning:

No men’s 3X? So sad really wanted this one.

awww why no Mens 3X :frowning: i need this shirt…why do you make us suffer so

Let me guess… It will be CATastrophic! You’ve got to be kitten me. Someone help meowt here.

I came here to repeat the 3XL sentiment. This has been a huge problem with standard shirts, and now you’re out of AA too?

Also no women’s medium? wtf?

How cute. <3

I really need a kids 10 or 12 for my daughter, she would have loved this.

Please be assured that your complaints have been registered! We definitely aren’t too happy we’re out either. I am not sure what the issue is, but I’m sure we’re working on a better ordering schedule or whatever it is that’ll keep us FLUSH with all the sizes.

That still doesn’t get me the cute wittle kitty kat… oh yes he is. He’s a cute wittle kitty. Aren’t you a cute wittle kitty… oh yes you are…

That’s great and all but those of us that can’t get our sizes will still miss out on the Daily Woot pricing by the time these come in. How about letting us have waitlist orders if your going to get these blanks in w/in the next decade or so and stop penalizing us for your ordering problems? And while your looking at your order issues, why don’t you look into bringing in Women’s Plus sizes so that we can stop buying all the Mens 3XL just to fit our generous assets!

Here, here! Totally agree!