Plug-in Rat & Mouse Repeller

Between 1985 and 1997, the FTC brought law enforcement actions against six companies that allegedly made false and unsubstantiated claims about the effectiveness of ultrasonic devices in controlling rodent and insect infestations. Each of those cases was resolved by consent order. In those prior actions, the FTC challenged the following types of claims:

Eliminates rodent infestations;
Repels insects;
Serves as an effective alternative to conventional pest-control products;
Increases or assists the effectiveness of other pest-control methods;
Eliminates fleas on dogs or cats; and
Scientific tests prove product effectiveness.
Prior FTC complaints alleged that any reaction by rodents to ultrasound would be temporary at best because rodents become accustomed to ultrasound and will return to their nesting or feeding areas even in the presence of an ultrasonic device. Furthermore, previous FTC complaints alleged that ultrasound devices do not control insects.