Plug in Vehicle Air Cleanser

Plug in Vehicle Air Cleanser

Ozone is not safe to breathe in high concentrations. It will deodorize, but do it when you are not in the car, and let it air out for an hour afterwards.

How can they sell this if it’s so dangerous to the owner and their company? As it states, will even remove smells on clothing while in car? Is this written in the warnings with the product? Seems to me either you maybe a health craze ( not a bad thing) or the company is looking at a big lawsuit ( pretty sure not) or what I’m thinking it’s so low that it’s not harmful. I was going to get, but think I will hold off and see if there are lawsuits following the sales.

It’s got great Amazon reviews, yet can’t find it on the Amazon site. In for 2!

I got it based on the URL on the page after clicking on the Amazon reviews, and then doing a search on the product number thing (B016C1VQBM).

I was curious about this so I googled it. I suggest you read or at least scan the EPA article on the subject.

Also one of the positive reviews mention that you can’t be in the car while it is running. After reading the reviews and the EPA article, I decided to pass.