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Plug ‘N’ Sing Party Instruments and Karaoke System with 99 Songs [New] - $12.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Emerson RS805 Plug ‘N’ Sing Karaoke with Real Party Instruments

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A 4-star review at Amazon

The perfect present for someone elses children ^.^

Hmmm…Which one of my sisters has really annoyed me lately?

We love instruments in our house! I’m in for one and excited! Don’t know who will love it more…the kids or me!

In for 1 Think it will be fun!

Are the maracas and xylophone compatible with Rock Band 2?

Will my Rock Band 2 instruments work with this game? Guitar Hero? Xylophone Hero?

My brother is going to hate me for this… heh heh heh.

He got me slippers for Christmas. Slippers? SERIOUSLY?

Good description at Kohl’s ($50!).

Long video at YouTube. Stop before the guy starts singing “Jingle Bells” or you might want to pour acid down your ears.

Think this is good for a 9 y/o and 17 month old?

Wow, mics are compatible with gaming systems. It must be a USB microphone? It’s cheaper to buy this whole set than to buy microphones for harmonies on Rock Band Beatles or Lips and other music games separately. Unless you buy “The Naked Band Brothers” used at Gamestop. Then the mics are pretty cheap too. :wink:

It’s 39.99 at Looks great!

No- these mics won’t work with those. It looks like they are just regular AV plus (red, white and yellow).

Can you use a computer to play the DVD and operate the microphones through the computer’s freestanding speakers?

Did you notice in that video that they gave the kid the xylophone but not the sticks. he was trying to figure out how it worked but ended up just having to stand there holding it because he couldn’t make it make noise…

It appears from the photos that one mic is standard AV jacks, and one mic is a microphone jack similar to those mic jacks on pc’s.

half price compared to here

In for one. Great way to start my recording (mini) instruments collection. :slight_smile:

They need an adult version of this. The old school karaoke blue screen lyrics would definitely add to the atmosphere at any hipster party.