Plumb Curve Claw Hammer

This is available anytime from the “Plop Some Tools in your Shopping Cart” section under regular woot. Not very original.

Seriously, Woot?

We’ve dealt with the fact that you sell too much stuff now. That’s ok. But when you sell something with the flashing lights and countdown timer that HAS BEEN AVAILABLE FOR THE SAME PRICE FOR THE LAST WEEK, AND THAT’S CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN THE REGULAR WOOT AREA, OPEN ENDED FOR THE SAME PRICE, well, that sticks in my caps lock key.

So, who wants to bet whether this will be “SOLD OUT” on the plus site once the woot-off sells out???
Oh the stress of it all!

Woot is selling a $12 hammer for $9 plus shipping. Cool. I’m in for…

If I had this hammer, I would hammer in the morning. I would hammer in the evening. All over this land.

It’s not even a 16oz. Hammer… What the flip?
I’ll give you $5… That should cover the shipping…

Actually, shipping would be over $6.50 by USPS…

One at HF for $1.99 (with easily available coupon)?

Nope… Psych!!