Plumbers, Pipes, and Princesses

hmmmm not the biggest fan of the “Regis Fructus” graphic, but the shirt color is soooo preeeetty.

Also, I know how the unisex tanks fit, but what about the tri-blend ones?

There are pics and reviews HERE. Hope that helps.

(If you’re stuck like that, there is a search box to the right, and it’s usually pretty dead on for finding info here in the forums.)

I love the triblend tanks. But I’m a curvy girl there is NO way a women’s large will ever fit me and it makes my heart hurt.

Does anybody else’s star powered tank have a date with a bottle of glow in the dark paint?

I got a tri-blend tank. I got a medium, but wish I had gotten a small. It’s huge. In normal shirts at the mall, I’m usually a medium, but at the small end. On the AA blanks, I would get a medium, it would fit relatively loose. In the current blanks, I like the smalls (which are still too big, but meh).

The women’s tanks are really stretchy and the sleeves are cut really long/neck cut really low.

As a hefty curvy woman I can’t wear any of the women’s sizes on woot. Really loved the Tanookie tank :frowning:

Cool set of shirts, wish they were still around and on sale.

You can score most of them via the catalog. They won’t be on tank tops, though.