I bought and installed the 1 hp. KitchenEater disposer in April, 2013 ($119.99 - woot!) and have never looked back. It replaced an 2 year old, ¾ hp. Insinkerator in which the grind chamber was already beginning to heavily rust. The KitchenEater installed as easily as most others but is astonishingly quiet compared to the previous ¾ hp. unit. It has easily eaten everything I have put in it including shrimp shells, NOT recommended but a fairly regular thing here on the South Texas coast (while running LOTS of water). It still looks good after 17 months of use so I’d give it 5 stars.

You can check out the previous sale comments here.

This looks like a good product, but a few questions please:
1.) location of manufacture?
2.) who warranties this product? 3.) is there an install instruction sheet or packet?
4.) is there an operation manual?

That’s all for now…
Many thanks.

Hi there. What item are you asking about?

I’ll guess poster is asking about the Delta exhaust fan that Amazon says is made in China.
Wouldnt it be really simple to just list the country of origin on everything you sell?

I can’t believe I spaced this morning. I was going to deposit a check so I could order a new disposal, and just forgot about the 9:00 a.m. deadline!

Wow, I just received my garbage disposal and I got one that was clearly opened and used before (it had small pieces of food inside)… so much for ‘new’ condition sigh

It didn’t even come with the installation manual and I can’t find one online…

Hmm. Sorry for the trouble. Those disposals have a Limited Lifetime KitchenEater warranty. Have you contacted KitchenEater yet?