Plumeria Paradise

Grats on the print, OpenDesign!

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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i dont like the design :confused:
i guess ill have to wait for tomorrow then…

Wow, SDS was way off on Liquid Hibiscus this week.

(Edit: But hey, SDS was perfect on the vote count for this shirt! 569, on the dot!)

Congratulations on the print, OD. This style isn’t for me, but I really like the idea behind it. Great job integrating all those different elements.

I like it. Reminds me of Beardsley.

Tsk tsk woot for discouraging people from wearing shirts when swimming. Sure, shame isn’t pretty, but peeling sunburns and melanoma are infinitely more unattractive.

Congrats to the artist on the second place finish.

Unfortunately, I think this probably means we’ll see a hell of a lot of whinging tomorrow night when either the blue flowers or the cartoon pig don’t make it to print. I for one will likely be avoiding the boards the same way I avoid daylight.

Congrats on the print! I like it and the idea behind it but agree with an earlier post that it might be unflattering on some.

i like it, but then i don’t. :confused:

Congratulations OpenDesign. Beautiful shirt!

I think that’s because it looks too much like a border design… like it should butt up to the side of a page or something… it’s just a little too squared off for me to like it.

Can’t say I like this one. To me it’s in an awkward zone between minimalist and detailed. The design just doesn’t look like it belongs on a shirt.

A little flea is an Uku… ooo coo.

Lele … is … To leap, fly, disembark, move … lay-lee

ooo coo lay lee.

The Portuguese brought their little guitars over to Hawai’i and that little flea has been jumping ever since! Great Shirt!

Almost had me on this one. This is a reasonably cute shirt.

I’m not fond of how the black looks on the green, honestly… So it’s not for me. Congrats on the print though!

Didn’t I already buy this shirt awhile ago??

I really hope that pig gets printed, as I really want to get that shirt!

Percentage of sales currently says 99%. It’s still the first hour… what’s going on?

Or is it because of the first sucker bought it in negative time? :tongue:

wow, look how popular this shirt is in Hawaii.

Vegetarians unite!