Plush Hotel Towels

The soft twist bath towels (700 GSM Turkey)are listed to measure 40x70 inches… so are the bath SHEETS of the same make. Usually the SHEETS are a bit larger and therefore more expensive. I wrote to WOOT and they said the ad is correct?! So why would anyone spend more for the bath sheet when they can get the same size bath TOWEL for less$$?

What to do, what to do?

Will they let me return them if I buy the towels at the cheaper price and they do not measure 40x70?


Good catch! We’ve fixed the Bath Towel sale. The correct size is 27” x 54”.

I was just shopping around for these the other day. I wonder if the soft twist is worth the extra $5/towel?

For those of you that have never had towels like these, they need a few washes before they will feel soft and absorbent and will continue to improve with time. For best results, do not use fabric softener, do not use high heat on the dryer.

Great catch, thanks both of you! Thank you for fixing it TT, I almost ordered bath towels instead.

Best thing to do is to use 2 cups of white vinegar in the initial wash but no detergent. This removes any coating, insecticide sprays and any other odd smells that have occurred during shipping and immediately improves absorbancy.
I purchased similar towels from Amazon (900GSM and they’re WONDERFULLY heavy weight) and found this useful tip in the comments sections.

Darkfrog is correct, if you want absorbent towels, never use dryer softener sheets. They leave a coating on the towels.

Every hotel I’ve ever stayed in, including high-dollar three- and four-star hotels, had universally unpleasant towels. Sure, they were clean, and dried you off ok. The terrycloth loops always seemed to be stiff, scratchy, and unpleasant to the touch, though. Why would I want to buy something for my home that I don’t like having to use when I’m on the road? :-/

You beat me to it. That is the same for me.

I purchased the set of 2 bath sheets the last time they were offered. I had been looking for a LARGE bath sheet for FOREVER (I’m a big boy). Well these arrived and I was in LOVE. They are just as described. Really heavy and plush. They wash really great. As I am ALWAYS up for a bargain, I did a bit of research when they arrived as the manufacturer tag was on them with their website. They sell these EXACT towels on their website for almost 3 times what I paid here. THANK YOU HOME WOOT!!!