Plush Hotel Towels

Bath sheets, huge bath sheets, yes!

Link to reviews of what seems to be the same product?

Amazon has the the white washcloths at $25.00 and free prime shipping

I bought some bath sheets a little while back, and I love 'em. They’re not as soft as our bamboo towels (and what is?) but these are larger and less expensive. They’re also nicer than any of my cotton towels. I’d buy more if needed them.

Did you get the herringbone or the twist bath sheets?

$25.00 item is fulfilled by some other brand on Amazon. Apparently, the item will be different than this one.

The same quality/brand washcloths are sold for $32.50 + shipping which makes woot more convenient. Thanks Woot.

Just the standard bath sheets. I’m not sure if the others were offered then, or if I was just too cheap to pay the extra for the twist. The herringbone is nice, but not for me…

actually the washclothes are fulfilled by amazon. just sold by another company that has to abide by amazons policies. free returns, guaranteed satisfaction on all purchases.