Plush Reserve Pinot Noir (4)



Plush Willamette Valley Reserve Pinot Noir 4-Pack
$94.99 (Normally $221.65) 57% off List Price
2010 Plush Reserve Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon
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one of my favorites.


Nice! How about sharing some tasting notes or why?


Wine Enthusiast Magazine:
This has pretty raspberry and cherry fruit. Light and forward, it displays a touch of minerality, adding interest to the finish.
— Paul Gregutt (8/1/2012) — 86 points


Local and solid. In for one.


Wait a minute! Shouldn’t this be liquid and not solid?


We do things differently around here.


Don’t know the winery, but the stats look nice.
However, for a $50 retail bottle of wine, there are dozens of single vineyard offerings from favorite wineries in specific appellations - not just the broad Willamette designation. For this price, I want site-specific terroir!


I have enjoyed Coelho pinots before, but never the Plush label.

Couple of questions…

Is this a light bodied pinot like many of your previous Coelho vintages?

Anything interesting about growing conditions in Amity in 2010?

This appears to be a very good deal if it drinks like a $50 Willamette pinot…


…I love an Oregon Pinot, and this is a nice one. Nice spicy cherry notes-just a touch earthy. It benefited from 45 minutes in the decanter…

Nice, subtle, elegant, Oregon Pinot.


I like the stats as well. Should be a nice wine with the pH being at 3.6ph.


Willamette Valley designations show greater complexity, given the ability to source fruit from multiple sub-growing appellations (which, bring diverse attributes to the final product). When blended and bottled you have the best example of what the Willamette Valley offers! This 2010 Reserve does just that.

Plus, you’re paying under $25/bottle and not the full $50 as you would at the winery. In my opinion you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to taste this classic wine if you don’t get your 4 pack. This wine is crafted in a manner to age seamlessly for decades.



Thanks for the note and chiming in!

It’s definitely a feminine elegant wine similar to other Coelho products but this particular bottling shows darker fruit notes because of one of our fruit sources south in the WV. I am quite found of this wine and what it has to offer. Light-medium body, good spice, earth, mineral, touch of French oak and lower alcohol.

2010 was cooler and slightly challenging year for us here in Oregon and with that being said the wines have nice bright acidity and trust to be age worthy (if you know what you’re doing). This wine is versatile, balanced and very approachable.



Thanks for the note. I am now remembering a Cohelo project that I’ve purchased before… Dois Iramos. How is the ‘Plush’ line different from Dois Iramos?


Plush is significantly different from Dois Irmaos. Different vineyard sources as well as wine-making techniques. De-stemmed fruit, whole cluster, extended cold soaks, low temp extended primary fermentations,burgundy yeast, french oak barrel elevage (months varying), secondary fermentation complete.

Where you get the main difference has to do with distinctive blending and the FRUIT, assortments of French oak barrels with different toast levels, amount of whole cluster included.

The only commonplace vision is varietal correctness.