Plush Reserve Pinot Noir (4)

**Item: **Plush Reserve Pinot Noir (4)
Price: $73.99
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Plush Willamette Valley Reserve Pinot Noir 4-Pack
$73.99 $̶2̶1̶5̶.̶0̶0̶ 66% off List Price
2010 Plush Reserve Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon
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Willamette Pinot for about $20/btl sounds intriguing. Has anyone out there tried it?

I’m a shill, but I liked it…

Did it drink like a $50 bottle?

Was it on the earthier end of the spectrum or the forward fruit end? How was the weight - long finish, or quick? Did you have it with food or alone?

Bought it a few months ago, purely because of the discount. When it arrived I was in trouble, because my wife “hates Pinot Noir.” We’ll, apparently she just hates cheap Pinot, because she LOVED this. FTW! In for another.

I’d love to try this but 4 bottles is a lot for me - does anyone in Minneapolis want to split?

I drank wine for almost 15 years before I realized the same thing about myself. There’s a lot of bad Pinot out there, even in the mid $20 range.

I ordered last time and tried two bottles. No formal notes though I know I liked it but would not pay winery price, I remember thinking it was priced right at $20 per bottle. Not as earthy and light as some other OR Pinots I have had. However, I prefer RRV cherry cola type Pinots. Hope this helps

I’m a pretty huge fan and would be in for the max if I could swing it!

I got this in a previous Woot Off, and it looks like I might be the only person who was disappointed by it. It’s not bad, but I really did not think it was worth the ~$20 per bottle I paid for it.

It paired poorly with the foods I tried it with. I thought that maybe it would work better as a sipping wine, not paired with foods, and made a mental note to give it a try next time I opened a bottle. But I just haven’t had any desire to open another bottle.

Eventually I’ll open another one, or maybe I’ll end up gifting the remaining bottles. Shrug.

Woot Staff - this is pathetic (hope you don’t mind the direct feedback). You’re in the midst of a woot-off, and the wine stays the same for hours and hours at a time. Do you have supply problems? Insufficient deals? There’s a whole world of surplus wine out there, and we see little/none of it…

Just sayin’…this is weak.