Plutonium: Powers This Shirt

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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my favorite out of this derby, in for uno. :smiley:

Grats Uhuhuhuhuhuh… Good design overall

Congrats, Derek.

If only it were not on a white shirt… >_<

Congrats uh Huh on a derby well run!

Ah, Plutonium manages to sneak in! Congratulations on your first print, uhh (I’m just going to call you that from now on). I’m sure there will be many to follow. :slight_smile:

Curious about the vote count now, since they didn’t mention it in the write-up this time.

YEAH! First sucker! win I don’t have a white woot shirt and have been staying up waiting for this one for a few nights.

I’m really happy this shirt took third. Both Tin Man shirts were good (yesterday’s was excellent) but having two “tin man” shirts in a Derby that represents any of 117 possible things, would be kind of disappointing.

I really like this design, too.

I would be all over this if it was a darker color, I don’t look good in white

Yeah. I don’t like White Shirts. Sorry. Plus I just bought one, and I think my Woot shirts might be too big now, which is unfortunate because I have like 10 of them. At least they aren’t too small, right?

Voted for this one in the Derby, but think I am going to have to pass. Love the colors!

man, i do really love this shirt, but i just can’t do white…

Totally completely awesome!!! Congratulations, Uhhuhhuhhuh!!!

Congrats, uhhuhhuhhuh!!! Got mine…

I don’t understand exactly how this represents Plutonium, if it had some sort of distinction of what it was I would get it but… not this one.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Damn you derby predictor thing!!! I was promised Tin Man Can!!!

Well its on “White-239,” would that be the number of votes? Do they usually put the votes in the write up?

I’m still too new to shirt.woot. I think this shirt is great though; congrats uhhuh!

Methinks the only thing that kept the other tinman shirt from winning is the horrible placement on the bottom corner.

Voters don’t seem to be down with that noise.