PNI Steeleye Cordless Rechargeable Radar/Laser Detector

aww, crap




Next please.


Can one say…crappy? For all your wootoff needs!

Le sigh.

I waited all the way through that stupid camera for this!!! Boooo.

I woke up and jumped to my computer for this…?

Never even heard of something like this…kinda odd lol. People buy it fast, kthx

You’re killing me woot…

Friggin killing me

cue the ‘does this really work?/radar detectors just tell you when to pull over’ convo…

who buys these…?

rise and shineee its w00ting tim!!!

i might want this since its rechargable, the one i have takes batteries and sucks them up like crazy. i like the cordless.

Glad I’m getting paid to see this crap

There are 100,200, or 300 of these