PNI Steeleye Cordless Rechargeable Radar/Laser Detector


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PNI Steeleye Cordless Rechargeable Radar/Laser Detector

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    1 PNI RW3100 Steeleye Cordless Rechargeable Radar/Laser Detec

the comparison site links will help with this one… tough call… i have no insight on the product… but i have useful linkage… that’s almost as good.


These never work…


cops will get you anyways


The Better The Daily Froogler :wink:


pos, false sense of secuirty, get a beltronic rx65 pro. that is the shit


Is that an alien picture on it…


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SecretPrices … $129.95

PriceGrabber … $148.99

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similiar cordless radar detector models from $86.


Are Radar detectors illegal


Illegal where I live, Still a decent price.


Is this legal everywhere? Are there some states where this is illegal?


I am not sure if corrdless does the trick does the battery last very long? Don’t these use alot of power to be successful??


No Valentine One no care :smiley:


Will you bozos (i.e. woot!) pretty please with cream and sugar on top MAKE THE ALTERNATE PICTURE A TRUE ENLARGEMENT OR AT LEAST SOMETHING POTENTIALLY HUMOROUS? This repeating of the same image is a waste of many things in many ways.


not very good reviews. No thanks Woot.


Actually, the “close-up” pic is smaller than the regular one… :frowning:


Usually dont work, just set off so many alarms all over the city that you end up turning the thing off anyway, and on a highway you will be caught by the time the thing goes off.


Two words: Valentine One.