PNY Performance Flash Memory 20-Packs

PNY Performance Flash Memory 20-Packs

It wont let me look at item. Dont know if i want it, wont let me select anything to look.
I notice then, that it says, if you want this deal, goto app.
I am on PC. this should work. Loss of potential sale. Goodjob.

Hey there, this is an Appsclusive Deal which means you have to be on the Woot App to purchase the item.

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Appsclusive Deals are common with Woot!. It just means you have download their app on your phone. It’s a way they get you to use their app, if you’re interested in the deal. There are plenty of other items available if you’re not interested in using their app, but you not buying the item, simply because you don’t want the app, doesn’t hurt them; they will sell it all regardless.


Thats why i posted. Stupid restrictions.

Its the only way we have of fighting. Means it sits on shelf longer. (or maybe doesnt sell at all) if enough ppl follow suit.