Pocket FishMan

In for one!

I LOVE the shirt!!! I’ve been rooting for this one from the begining!! Great job and grats on the win SkekTek!

I could’ve sworn this was going to take first, but no doubt this shirt will sell fast. The woot comp itself looks pretty realistic :wink: Congrats, SketTek!!

hate to say it, but if you’re waiting for a polo, this is probably the last place you should be waiting.

haha this is the type of stuff I like to see… not the pseudo-artistic blob and line ripoff crap you can get anywhere, but good interesting designs… count me in!

It’s very cute funny, but I’m going to pass on it. Definitely a good one, though.

Congrats SkekTek!
In for 1

A nice little pet that I don’t have to feed. Joyful times are here again!

Any advice on the relative sizes of woot shirts? Are they a little bigger/smaller than usual?

I’m a guy, 5’10", 150lbs, usually wear a large tee so to avoid tightness…

In for 1. Congrats to the artist on this derby win. My first green tee.

Here, here! An excellent shirt (and comment).

I can’t believe these haven’t sold out already. I grabbed mine within seconds of it popping up I was so afraid it would sell out quick. I’ve gotten several cool shirts off of Woot, but his has to be my all-time favorite design.

I’d say they run a bit small. @ 6’ 185 lb I sport an XL in Athletic Apparel (woot) shirts. The L was too tight in the shoulders for my frame (the length was fine), and they do shrink a bit if u throw them in the dryer. Outside of woot, other Ts I wear are Harley dealer shirts or LL Bean unshrinkable Ts = Large. If that helps

poor fishy! this shirt makes me sad :*-(

the brand is American Apparel.

Think I’m going to pass on this one. Never have been a fan of the fake pocket tees. Too cheesy for me. Plus, the fish looks freaky.

I said it before, this is a cool design job, but I can’t see myself actually wearing it anywhere.

Finally a pocket T!
I’m in.

It’s not a real pocket, FYI

WTG Skek! Congrats on a great design!