Pocket Hose Ultra 75 Feet - Set of Two

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Pocket Hose Ultra 75 Feet - Set of Two
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Don’t waste your money. They will last about a month then, LEAK!!, LEAK!!, LEAK!!. Garbage

Why does Woot continue to sell this junk? Because it’s woot…junk seller.

These are terrible. They break so quickly. They tube inside will geta hole in it and then burst.

Woot sells them because Amazon can’t get rid of them.
NEARLY HALF (48%) negative comments at Amazon (1 or 2 star) out of 330 reviews!

Never again! Fabulous concept. Horrible in real life.

And these look to be the older plastic end units.


:-1:t2: Good thing they sell these in a set of two. Because the first will break within a week… Then you’ll have a second one as a back up, that will also break a week later. No bueno!

I sell a variety of these compact hoses in my hardware store and nearly all (including this one) are garbage. The only one worth considering is the Zero-G hose from Teknor Apex. They actually manufacture garden hose rather than being a TV infomercial company, and their Zero-G hose stands up well to everyday use.

IF you handle these carefully and IF you don’t get a lemon, these are quite helpful. Our teachers who use water for outdoor classroom exercises much prefer these to rolling around a hose cart, and they are light enough that elementary school children can easily handle them.

Open the spray end before you turn on the water source. Don’t walk on them or roll any carts or vehicles over them. Don’t drag them around corners. Even connecting these to outdoor spigots with higher than normal pressure, these have lasted two school years of continuous use.

$36 to watch two un-repairable hoses burst. What a bargain. /sarc.off
I wouldn’t take these things for free.

Thank you for this. Much appreciated.

I don’t know, I purchased two of these (not from Woot) and have had them for two years and experienced NO problems.

There was actually a class action lawsuit about these. I got $30 back for the two I had that lasted less than 1 season.
Great idea - I loved them while they worked (although they limited the pressure I could get out of the hose) but bad execution.

Don’t buy this. The ends break after 1 season. There are much better ones out there with metal ends.

You can make them work but if you do you have to always turn on the water slowly and never turn it on all the way, the connection between the hose and the hardware is a weak link and one of our hoses blew off right at that point.

You must also never use them in sunlight, because they are not resistant to UV rays and the green nylon cover on the hose will become brittle and fall apart… That was what happened to the second hose we had…

All I can say is that we bought ours at a clearance isle in a Walgreens for 5 dollars a piece… And honestly 5 bucks is probably more than they are worth… To pay 20 a piece which is what Woot is asking it obscene.

The only reason to buy these is if you are trying to make slingshots because you can strip the green cloth off and get some reasonable rubber hose for making sling shots… But that’s all I would recommend this for.

That’s actually a design element! Seriously… the way the hose expands is that the hole on the output side is only like a quarter inch or something. That causes pressure to build in the hose, which causes it to expand. Then you get an anemic water stream out of them.

They are a bit more expensive, but The Zero-G hoses are MUCH better!
https://www.amazon.com/4001-50-Lightweight-Flexible-Durable-Kink-Free/dp/B014M9PEXC Nut much heavier, really. It doesn’t fit in your pocket. But it’s just as flexible and works/lasts a LOT better!

And yes… I do think they ARE named after the move Fry does to win those coveted parachute pants.

Used mine for 2 seasons w/o any problems. I hook mine to the sink in the garage so I can hose the salt off the cars w/warm water when taking them to the car wash would be a waste. I don’t put too much pressure through the hose as any one with common sense would know these hoses can’t handle it just by design and how they feel much less then one would buy a pencil size air hose and hook it up to your air compressor and charge it to 120psi (even if it says so on the box). Not sure why all the beat downs on Woot. If you are visiting this site and buying from this site, then you have no reason to spew all the hate. It’s a “train wreck” clearance place. I don’t expect Rolex watches at Casio prices, even refurbished. If you do, then you are shopping in the wrong place. :slight_smile:

I don’t think these are designed to remain outside or be charged 24/7 anyway. Sounds like some Layer 8 issues.

I’ve had the 50ft version for over a year and had zero problems. I keep it on my back patio for all my pots and hanging baskets. I love the light weight and that it never kinks. But… I did only pay $8 at K-Mart for mine, so this is not the deal for me.