Pocket Protector

I hope that thing doesn’t overheat.

and I dub this little guy “square head”

I knew this would make the top 3 :slight_smile: Congrats!

Love the design on this one. You can tell by the robot’s face that he’s put in some long hours over the years, but he still enjoys his job.

Nice work, Jewelwing.

Is that a robot in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Cute, but deadly.

The little guy is like a cross between E.T. and the Terminator.

Must be one heck of a pen he’s guarding.

I smell a hit TV show in the making!

He doesn’t look like much of a protector to me. The bags under his eyes make it look like he was sleeping on the job, or something.

I can’t afford to buy a shirt every day.

I like this shirt! As a former computer tech, it’s geeky as all get-out, but when I wear my cowboy hat with this, I’ll no doubt get some odd looks.

That special glow means it was Taco Bell night again…

Congrats, JW for winning this week!

I am sad to see that this derby didn’t produce a RGLee print… There needs to be some justice, here.

Me geek want!!!

I can see some TSA agent losing a hand if they brushed up against this guy during one of those “enhanced patdowns.”

Does it work as well as this one?


Is that a gun pointing at me or an incendiary cyborg nip slip?

EDIT: In all srsness, I kinda wish there was some lighting effects coming through the pocket or something. The big gun thing seems out of place to me…

I was hoping Robot Stroud would win aka - Making friends. Would have been a neat coincidence since the “Birdman” Robert Stroud died 47 years ago today.

Err, bags = no sleep.