Pocketless Universe

It’s so pretty!

very nice* levels of variety blue

*yes, nice seems to be my word of the week…

will it blend?

So this is what Mola Ram was trying to pull out of Indiana’s chest.

Big congrats OdRoc! And YAY for fellow Missourians!

I love the little creator info message. I remember reading that comment, and Woot sure is good at making fun of the little things.

This makes me want to reach out to whoever is wearing this shirt and try to yoink the planet out.

Did anyone else think about Portal 2, or am I still just shocked at the lunacy of the ending?


Wouldn’t a “pocket universe” make more sense placed in the usual pocket area rather than centered on the shirt?

alles klar

It is a very original design and the color of the shirt and graphics just go so well together. Glad this one made it to print.

It reminded me of a scene from Myst.

I’m still upset there was no confetti. Definitely could use some now.

I really like the metal base structure of the building peeking out of the crack on the left. Excellent detail.

herr kommissar?

Is this what happens when you press too hard on a hypercolour shirt?

I cannot rationalize it, but every time I look at this shirt, I hear James Earl Jones saying, “The ever-expanding universe now available in the center of your t-shirt. While supplies last.”