Poco Dolce Easter Basket w/Gummies

Poco Dolce Easter Basket with Prosecco Gummi Bears
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Poco Dolce Easter Basket
Poco Dolce Prosecco Gummi Bears, 6oz

I want a fool that pays $50 for $10 worth of candy to explain why.

Have you tried Poco Dolce chocolate? It is amazing, I have given this chocolate as gifts before and the people that I have given it too have said its the best chocolate that they have ever eaten!

Being a foodie, why does chocolate mixed with olive oil sound so unappealing. It could be 10w30 SAE for all that matters.

Take note from the specs that the “best by” date for the basket of candy runs just 5 days after Easter! Huh? (And the gummies? Gummi candy should last a good six months, if not a year, and these run in little more than 3 mos.) For $50. No thanks.

I am one of the few people who think that olive oil tastes like olives (I taste the same thing in olive oil that I can’t stand in olives, anyway), and for that reason I also have little desire to try such a concoction. Then again, when it comes to chocolate, I think nothing beats using actual cocoa butter.

Is delivery date REALLY after Easter has occurred?? Usually Easter Candy is discounted after Easter. 3 Days late and $50 short :frowning:

Sounds strange, I know, but it works. It gives the chocolate a velvety smooth texture. Try it, you’ll love it!

no, this will be delivered well in time for Easter.

For the price per lb you are charging, I’d expect it to be hand delivered to me by a Playboy bunny wearing nothing but a big bow.