Poco Dolce Valentine's Day Chocolates (3)

Even on the Poco Dolce website I couldn’t find any nutritional information. I am suspicious of anyone that makes it difficult to get information on their products.

They’re chocolates, with sugar and stuff, so they’re bad for you which is what makes them good. What more do you need to know? :wink:

Are these chocolates sized for ants or ogres?

You should have some cheese with your whine.

The Poco Dolce website has the ingredients listed under an “ingredients” tab, and if you check out their FAQs under the customer service tab you will find nutritional information.

If I ordered today, will it be a guaranteed delivery in Jersey City, NJ 07310 before Valentines Day, latest by 2/13, by normal shipping?

You’d probably be fine, but given the dates for standard shipping, it seems like it could get iffy. I poked WD to see if he can offer a more confident answer.

UPDATE: WD says, “Yes!!!”

What am I missing here? It says 3-pack, but the description lists only 2 boxes, right?