Poe and Alone

Poe and Alone

Poe and Alone

Hey all! I deleted some comments that were personal attacks and used bad words. If you have issues with a design, make sure you use the Tattle button. Please don’t resort to personal attacks.

To clarify this design was rejected due to suspicious voting activity by user/s that are not the artist.

Hey Kate. So, I don’t really understand what this means. Are you saying these accounts that voted, that caused you to declare them suspicious, are completely unrelated (i.e. different IPs, geography, tenure, etc) to the artist? Or to each other? And if that’s the case, then a high-volume, disparate set of voters spontaneously decided to vote for this one design above all others. That doesn’t make ANY logical sense to me.

And to be clear, I have no data to support cheating or not cheating – I’m not even in this derby so I have no skin in the game – I’m just trying to figure out how you determine what is suspicious if the artist didn’t participate in it as you’ve implied here.

Hey @acraigl, thank you for your question. Unfortunately I can not go into too much detail as we don’t release that information. I can tell you that the artist was not involved in suspicious activity.

Fair enough. So why a DQ vs. removing the suspicious votes? Especially since he/she wasn’t an active participant?

We are discussing internally how to improve the derby experience for all and how to avoid these situations in the future, we will advise when we have an update.

Thanks Kate.
I know these are hard questions, and difficult situations to deal with. I appreciate your being open as you can with your responses.

Is there a way to maybe “neuter” these suspicious votes, maybe by flagging them so they can’t add to the total until you verify they’re a real person? Like defanging a snake?

We don’t currently have the technical capability to do that, we may in the future. In hindsight, a DQ is possibly not the fairest option in this case, we acted in a manor that we have historically. However, we are looking at our policies to review how we can handle this better going forward.