While it’s not what I’d wear, this shirt is nicely, nicely done.

the raven has already been quoted and is still alive and well in the reckoning. is this its long lost shirt-brother?

Sign me up for 20!

I like the farther away effect, but up close it looks kinda odd.

The bird in Poe’s right eye got shot in the ass!

This shirt has really gone to the birds!

The shirt write-up’s song was better than The Black Eyed Peas’ whole halftime performance.

I like Poe’s work. Way ahead of his time. Now let’s see if this shirt outlives his poetic Raven (still the longest survivor!)

I don’t mean raise a fuss, but Poe themed shirts leave me ravin’!

That feather-brained fellow appears to be in a fowl mood, in fact he’s stark raven mad.

Nevermore 2.0: Fighting feather with feather

Two of the birds have been shot.

If this can’t knock “nevermore” off its roost, I don’t know what could…

Awwww, yeah dude. This broseph is totes buying three.



I think you’re going to have to come up with the cash for this, even if you’re poe…

so obviously the birds killed the guy & they are trying to hide it by making it look like he’s still there. Clever birds.
They don’t call it a murder of crows for nothing.

And now I’m thinking about Hitchcock movies…thanks again shirt.woot for your support of my insomnia habit.

Very fitting since “Nevermore” turns 150 weeks old next week.

LOOK! Up in the sky! It’s a Bird, it’s a Bird… it’s another bbb… ird… birdface.