Amazing art and execution. Congrats on the EC, Steven!

And in the middle is the American citizen being vaporized.

Hoping for a double annihilation here.

Love it. Now do one with an appropriately blue tiger on one side and leave the elephant as is on the right.

That’s some nice anime, Steven!

Does one side deserve to win this battle? All I know is my gut says “maybe.”

Remember that episode in which the Elephant kidnapped children seeking asylum?

That was a sequel. In the original, more terrifying pilot, a Donkey kidnapped the children and put them in cages. Later, some of those children disappeared and some were released to sexual predators.

I’m going to need a link to a credible source. That sounds a lot like fan-fiction.

As though “the other side did it” justifies doing something so terrible in the first place. Either way, elephants don’t believe in truth (“truth isn’t truth”), so it doesn’t really matter if there’s evidence anyways.

You guys playing cards?

They are playing “fake news” - Stories missing critical details that alter the context considerably or entirely.

It appears they are using the “arguing by sound bite quotes” expansion pack as well.

It is certainly unfortunate that this shirt is so politically neutral that a good right vs left shouting matching just can’t get started. Almost like we should just enjoy the artwork.

Great design Steven! Now let me sit back with my popcorn and wait…

What makes a man turn neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?

I played DND w KG once. It’s insanely frustrating to play w a Chaotic Neutral. The dude started building a fence to sit on while the rest of us slayed the dragon.

Now excuse me while I go check for some reds under my beds.

If I were truly chaotic, I would have pointed out that the donkey clearly has the upper hand in this battle and then added something about parallels with the current political situation. I would never do that.

I just hope having the high ground doesn’t lead to a Darth Vaderphant.


Everyone, please don’t make this political. Just stick to anime references.
Ex: I was trying to find a DBZ villain to compare Trump to, but all of the DZB villians are all intelligent and athletic in appearance.
Almost gave up, BUT then I remembered Buu.