Point-of-view BOUNCING around

If I’m trying to spend money here, the LEAST you can do is stand STILL while I scroll thru. Not here for the (constant) exercise… just seems “ticklish” in places.

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:applause: yep, ever since the payment thing, the app has been acting wonky.

The focus doesn’t stay stable anymore. They’re probably monkeying around with the discourse interface or something.

It’s annoying.

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What pages? What is it doing?

App or desktop?

Details. I need details.


I interact almost exclusively with Woot using my


installed, using

More ofen than not, the app will start out in some product sale page, usually the last product I was looking at. That’s annoying that it’s tracking me like that, but whatever. I’m sure some dev somewhere thinks they’re doing humanity a favor so mankind doesn’t lose track of something they might buy.

When I’ve been absent for a bit, I’ll look at my interactions screen to see who has responded to what. But when the focus is on that, it will just on its own switch over to product threads, I guess usually whatever thread I was in before.

I’m not pushing anything to make it do that. It’s just squirrely. So then I have to navigate back by clicking on the little avatar of me. Sometimes it will stick, sometimes it will rubber-band right back. Eventually it will react properly.

It’s been doing it for a while. If it’s the issue I think it is.

On the app, if you go to all items and sort by newest fitst you can scroll through until someone lists new items. Then it’ll show you the same items over and over again in a loop until you back out and start over. I’m not sure if it matters what you sorted by. But yeah you’ll get the same 6-8 items in a loop.

Oh wait…
That’s something else.
I am so tired.


No, you’re right. It does that too.

I always, or nearly so, navigate Woot thru the forums. Very, very rarely use the sale pages interface.


90% for me is the forums, but for the big item drops I like to scroll through the pictures instead.


Ok, so we’re talking forums onky?

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For me, yes. Forums oinkly.

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Now I want to start posting pig-related gifs. DARN YOU, THEREALJRN.

(Why does your username look so different in all caps?)


I’ll play with it later this week to see if I can repro it.

If you happen to video it, let me know.

Xabarin Busca GIF by TVGalicia

Example of opening up to last product viewed and the empty promise of the fake button.

Well your Discourse forum won’t allow me to uoload the video from my phone.

I’m losing interest in this. Maybe I’ll upload to Youtube tomorrow.

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If you’re trying to upload a video to the Woot forums, it won’t work. You have to upload it to someplace like YouTube and then copy/paste the URL into a forum post on a line by itself.


I know, but the upload picture thing now shows “media” starting today.

Soneone is definately mucking around in the forum interface.

My Android version hasn’t changed or updated.

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Huh. I wonder if ‘camera’ means the live camera and ‘media’ means an image that’s stored on your phone? I rarely use the app to view the forums so I hadn’t noticed.


Yes, and yes. But before it said file. I upload an inordinate amount of pictures.

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If uploading pictures makes you happy, then you do you.


Well, there aint nobody else around to do me, so I do what I can do.


It takes a strong person to do what you do.

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